Club E Atlanta and Meta Studios are partnering together to create a unique co-working and training center for the independent film and television professionals interested in collaboration work to support the development of an Atlanta based work force and the development of creative art projects that are produced and developed in the State of Georgia.


Robert W. Johnson • Club E- Co-Managing Partner | Founder Member - Iris Creative Arts Center

Bob Johnson has an extensive background in market research, marketing and sales, securities, investment banking, finance, entrepreneurial start-up businesses and project management.  Career has been highlighted by the creation of innovative concepts and programs to revamp or enhance current and new operations in need of more foresighted approach.  

His development experience is broad and encompasses all facets of the real estate development process including investors, business planning and design, financial management, marketing, on-site & off-site sales, and project management.

In 2010 Mr. Johnson founded Club E Atlanta an entrepreneurial development center in a public/private partnership with the city of College Park.  In association with Alain Grange, he will open the 2nd Club E (Club E Atlanta, LLC) center as a part of the Iris Creative Arts Center in DeKalb County this spring.  This facility will provide a central focus and meeting place for all levels of entrepreneurs.    The 32,000 sq. ft. facility will offer meeting space, office space, collaboration opportunities, copying and business services, and entrepreneurial support and mentoring.    His current award-winning facility in College Park has brought a much needed entrepreneurial vision to reality.   


Alain J. A. Grangé • Club E- Co-Managing Partner | Founder Member - Iris Creative Arts Center

Alain J. A. Grangé, Founder of the Grangé Group, has over 30 years of successful global experience in General Real Estate Projects, Hospitality, Resorts, Residential, Marketing, and Finance Businesses. Alain Grangé and his Group have created some of the highest quality ventures, with financial and customer success, for/with branded and unbranded Hospitality, Real Estate, Memberships and Club companies worldwide.

In 2016, Mr. Grange became a partner in Club E Atlanta to help bring his executive management skills to develop a duplicatable co-working model that can be built anywhere in the world. As a partner in the newest Club E in DeKalb County and Iris Creative Arts Center, he will lend his operational skills to ensure a successful launch of the new facility.

Paul Jenkins • President, Meta Studios | Founder Member - Iris Creative Arts Center

Paul Jenkins has been creating, writing and building franchises for over 26 years in the graphic novel, film, television and video game industries, where he is recognized as one of the world’s preeminent cross-media creators.  Over the last two decades, Paul has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of literally hundreds of world-renowned, recognizable entertainment icons, from Spider-Man and Wolverine to TMNT and Batman. His list of clients includes Marvel/Disney, Sony, Universal, DC/Warner, and many others, and his work has been translated and distributed worldwide.

Paul will act as the creative director of Iris Creative Arts Center.  In his capacity as a director, he will oversee the development of training and project development for the center and serve as a mentor and employer for members of the center interested in gaining work experience in film and television production.


Sean Freeland • Producer, Meta Studios | Founder Member - Iris Creative Arts Center

Sean Freeland is a businessman, commercial real-estate investor, producer, writer, and actor. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sean graduated from Florida State University and opened a restaurant at the age of twenty-seven, which he owned and ran for ten years while continuing to work in the film industry.  

Sean now focuses on the film and TV industry full time as a SAG actor and Executive Producer/Managing Partner for Meta Studios. Sean has worked on such television and film projects as The Walking Dead, Constantine, Nashville, Smashed, The Game, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, and commercially for such companies as Turner Classic Movies and Chick-Fil-A.

Sean will act as a trainer and mentor to Iris Center’s members and creative arts companies.  Sean will work as a collaborator with new filmmakers interested in improving their skills and having a mentor provide real-world insight into their projects.