The Iris incubator will provide training and work experience in all forms of media.  This will begin with film and television production and post-production. Eventually, it will branch into animation, video game development, comics & sequential art, music composition, and new technologies. We want to provide a unique “hands-on” experience unlike any other in the country, where our members will actively participate in the conception, pre-visualization, production and post-production of an entire project.

Atlanta is the third most active city in the United States for film, television and music production; however, Atlanta still does not have the infrastructure to keep up with the demands of the industry.  Iris Creators provides an environment that encourages and develops talent at every position in the film and television industry. The Iris Incubator aims to be a reliable resource center for studios and production companies, providing them with quality people to serve as trained professionals for their projects.  


The Iris Center will provide a facility where everyone interested in the entertainment business can collaborate with other like-minded people.  Our incubator will be an eclectic mix of seasoned professionals, new graduates from performing arts schools, musicians, and freelancers from every category of the industry.  We want to create a place where the artist community can rent office space, work in a collaborative open area and develop relationships with others who have different skill sets from their own. We will provide free monthly workshops where people can participate in developing a movie or television project from the beginning.  We intend to host monthly open mic nights where people will gain constructive criticism from their peers, and we plan to have mentoring sessions from industry leaders to help take our talented members to the next level.

The mentors will interview all members of the incubator to determine their capability and provide assignments based on their skill level and their area of initial interest. Our goal is for all members to learn every facet of making a movie by allowing them to work with seasoned professionals during the filming process. Initially, all members of the incubator will be assigned a rank by the professional staff after reviewing their qualifications and work experience.  Each level of rank will have certain prerequisites that must be met prior to advancing to the next level.  This rank will determine the type of job assignments they are currently qualified to work on with the professional staff.